we sign it - #NotAfraidNotAtWar


Brussels, Grand Bassam, Bamako, Istanbul, Ben Guerdane, Paris...
We the citizens, living in our country or elsewhere, launch this call to show our solidarity.
We are not afraid, we are not at war!

We are not at war against the hundreds of thousands of refugees and immigrants that your police and European armies humiliate.
We are not at war against the millions of unemployed, the millions of precarious workers, against the youth, against artists, against the retired... you condemn to distress.
We are at peace with our conscience. We; those who are building tomorrow, those who are in solidarity and fraternity, and those who reject the deadly machinery you and big finance have created and supported.
Today more than ever, it is the time for people to stand up and build hope together.
We all sign this call to shout out that we are not afraid and we refuse this world you are building for us. We can do much better.

On March 31s we will stay standing,

standing against your state of emergency,

standing against your draconian laws,

standing against your labour laws and the future that they draw.

Together we make real what is possible!

March 31st... #NuitDebout


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